Cleantouch Medicine Distribution System

Cleantouch Medicine Distribution System 2.0

Cleantouch presents, another gift for distribution business
2.0 (See all)

Cleantouch presents, another gift for distribution business, especially Medicine Distributors. Feeding of sales and purchase made easy & fast recordable to deal clients as fast as possible with computerized bill printing. Comprehensive sales reports & summaries can be generated by Customer, Item, Salesmen, Area and Date.

Credit receiving transaction can be recorded by bill numbers. Integrated Bonus in Purchase / Sale & Batch wise Expiry & Stock Module will must attract you. Inventory module can be recorded and maintained by Item / Batch wise. Accounting Module of accounts is integrated with inventory module in depth up to Trading Account > Profit & Loss > Balance Sheet.

Main Features:
- Area Master File
- Salesmen Master File
- Accounts Types
- Accounts Master File
- Booker Master File
- Brands Master File
- Item Master File
- Location Master File
- Opening Stock
- Stock Adjustment
- Issue to Salesman
- Return from Salesman
- Purchases
- Purchases Return
- Sales
- Sales Return
- Receipt Voucher
- Payment Voucher
- Journal Voucher

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